- How are your watches designed and made?
Our watches are sourced from the most professional and trusted watch manufacturers in different parts of the globe. All products are designed by the most renowned designers that match the criteria of our appreciated target customers. 

- Are the watches water resistant? 
All the watches withstand splashes of water and rain. However, they do not withstand swimming or diving with, so we recommend not to do so. You can also check the description of each product where water resistance is mentioned. 

- How are your timepieces so affordable? 
The main reason for being able to sell our watches at non-premium prices is that we are directly connected to the manufacturers which means we are able to receive fair prices. Another important factor is that we believe style and fashion is for everyone and we do not believe in striking high prices for quality and stylish watches. 

- What is the order process?
After completing your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email on the address you provided. Shortly after, our operations team will process your order and ship the product where you will receive another email confirmation once shipped.

- How long does the order take? 
As we are receiving high volumes of orders on a daily basis, your order takes up to 5 business days to be processed. Once processed, the product will be shipped directly and will need about 10-14 days. However, we are always optimizing our shipping process and doing our best to ship the products as fast as possible. 

- Can I change or cancel my order?
In case you changed your mind, kindly let us know within 12 hours after placing your order if you would like to change it on contact@chronowise.com. We will always make sure that we are up to our customers expectations. 

- What is your return policy?
In the rarest case of receiving your order damaged or missing, please write us immediately at contact@chronowise.com in order to open a case and make sure that you receive the right compensation. 

- How much do you charge for shipping?
Please note that shipping is FREE to all countries with no exceptions on quantities and minimum order. 

- Can I change my address information after placing the order?
Order information including shipping and billing cannot be modified at all after placing the order. Please double check your details before placing the order to avoid any mistakes.

- Can I track my order?
We offer order tracking for express shipping only. However, for any inquiries about your order, we would be more than happy to answer you. 

- Do I have to pay customs or any import fees?
We are not responsible for any charges imposed by your country on imports and shipments. If you need more information upon this matter, we advise you to check with the customs department. 

- My order did not arrive, what do I do?
Please be patient with international orders as they take a bit longer to arrive. However, if you feel that your order took way too long, kindly write us at contact@chronowise.com and we will be more than happy to advise. 

- How do I get featured on your website and social media channels?
We highly appreciate people who share our passion for classy watches. Just tag us in your photo with your new timepiece from Chrono Wise and we will select the most high quality images to be featured. You will also be shortlisted to receive a free gift from us to appreciate your interest. 

- Do you work with social media influencers and bloggers?
Sure, we are always open to work with people who are on the same mission. If you have an interesting blog or social media channel and would like to post our fashionable products on, please write us on contact@chronowise.com.